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Tony Iommi to Combat Boredom by Remixing Black Sabbath’s Forbidden

  • Axl Rosenberg

Black Sabbath - ForbiddenIn 1995, the Tony Martin version of Black Sabbath made what would end up being their last album, Forbidden, with Body Count guitarist Ernie C. acting as producer. Despite the fact that the album’s opening track, “The Illusion of Power,” features a guest appearance from Ice-T (!!!), Forbidden is not an album you often Sabbath fans discussing.

And there’s a reason for that: it’s not very good. I actually really like the main riff from “Power,” but that’s about it. Most of the album sounds like a fine, if not good, cock rock album (which means in 1995, Forbidden was already dated). Most of the songs are generic, and while Martin’s vocals are good, his lyrics are distractingly dumb. Basically, Forbidden is like the muzak version of a Black Sabbath record: it’s background music.

Which is my long-winded way of asking: Who the hell asked for this???

Okay. Well, I’m sure Tony Martin is always game to remind people he was in Black Sabbath. Ice-T and Ernie C. are probably stoked that they were once involved with a Sabbath album, even if it was a lesser Sabbath album. But who is gonna buy this? It’s would take more than a remix to make Forbidden a good record — it would take new songs. I’d imagine even the number of Black Sabbath completists who want a reissue of this album is negligible.

Am I wrong? Weigh in in the comments section. Also, if you’re one of the billions of people who have never heard Forbidden, you can check it out below via YouTube (it’s not even on Spotify because, again, no one gives a shit about this album).

[via Metal Injection]

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