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Kataklysm are “Black Sheep”


Kataklysm - Of Ghosts and GodsI know I’m gonna catch shit for saying this, but… doesn’t the main riff from the new Kataklysm song, “The Black Sheep,” sound kinda deathcore-ish? Not really so much production wise (i.e., it doesn’t sound like it was recorded beneath the surface of a pool of mud), but just in terms of its bouncy quality. I’m not even slamming it — I dig it! I just find it, y’know, interesting. I dunno if it will win Kataklysm any new fans, but I assume their old fans will enjoy it.

Check out “The Black Sheep” below. Kataklysm’s new album, Of Ghosts and Gods, comes out July 31 via Nuclear Blast. There’s going to be a video for every song on the record!

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