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BAM! BIF! ZAO! Band Releases “Xenophobe,” Their First New Song Since 2009

  • Axl Rosenberg

Zao -  Xenophobe : Fear ItselfHaving a slow start this morning? “Xenophobe,” the first new song from Zao since 2009, will get you out of bed faster than the realization that your home is on fire. At their best, Zao have always made music that represents the aural equivalent of freshly-charred, still-bleeding flesh, small crimson drops peeking out from behind peeling black skin — and six years away hasn’t done anything to change that. The music is massive, swirling, and filthy, like a giant alien centipede rampaging across a major metropolitan city, and if you told me that vocalist Daniel Weydant breathes fire with every scream, I’d believe you. This song fucking rules.

Listen to “Xenophobe” on The Deciblog. It’s one half of a 7-inch/digital two-song single, “Xenophobe”/”Fear Itself,” which comes out July 10. Pre-order it here. The band is also working on a new full-length, so we won’t have to wait another six years for more new Zao!

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