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This Death Metal Grease Cover is the One That You Want

  • Axl Rosenberg

danny and sandy love death metalIn case you’re somehow not familiar with it: Grease — arguably the greatest musical about the importance of completely changing your identity for a relationship ever written — ends with an insanely catchy show-stopper called “The One That I Want,” in which a nice girl vows to dress sluttier if, in exchange, the man of her dreams will pretend to be attracted to women.

Now Andy Rehfeldt, the man famous for turning non-metal songs into metal songs and metal songs into non-metal songs, has done the first thing and turned “The One That I Want” into a metal song. I’m being flip, but it’s actually pretty good. I mean, I doubt there’s anything this metal or catchy on the new Bullet for My Valentine album, right?

Check it out below. The vocals are by Thomas Hinds and Dori Kreisz.

[via Metal Underground]

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