Fred Durst Scores Razzie Nomination for Worst Director

  • Axl Rosenberg

Fuck Parasite: 2019’s biggest surprise success story involving a movie is clearly The Fanatic, the stalker thriller written and directed by Fred Durst and starring John Travolta. After opening to rave reviews and a historic gross at the box office, the film has now scored three nominations for the Golden Raspberry Awards — commonly known as “The Razzies” — which honor cinema’s shittiest “achievements.” Specifically, The Fanatic has been nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Actor, and Worst Director (Travolta and “Any Screenplay He Accepts” were also nominated in the Worst Screen Combo category).

Unfortunately, it was robbed of a Worst Screenplay nomination. It clearly should have gotten a nod in that category over Hellboy and Rambo: Last Blood, both of which were just a “regular” level of bad and not the truly-exceptional masterpiece of drek that was The Fanatic. This is a snub on par with Greta Gerwig not getting a Best Director Oscar nomination for Little Women.

So what are The Fanatic‘s chances of taking home any of these not-so-coveted awards? Unfortunately, I suspect it will lose both Worst Picture and Worst Director to Cats, the schadenfreudeist failure of 2019. I think Travolta really has a fighting chance of winning the Worst Actor award, though, since no one from Cats was nominated in that category (his competition includes Matthew McConaughey for Serenity and James Franco for Zeroville).

No date for this year’s Razzies Award ceremony has been set. If you haven’t yet seen The Fanatic, well, what the hell are you doing with your life???

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