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That Time Mastodon’s Brent Hinds Ran Around Naked on Mushrooms


Brent Hinds gives less than zero fucks. He’ll show up to the Grammys (and promptly get escorted out) while wearing a full Dodgers uniform, he’ll get in a fistfight with System of a Down’s bassist, and he’ll even publicly proclaim he doesn’t like heavy metal anymore. In the age of boring Internet nerds as popular metal icons, Brent Hinds is that nearly extinct of creatures: a true rock star.

So should we be surprised that when Mastodon were on Ozzfest several years ago Hinds ran around naked and crapped in a sink while on mushrooms? Of course we shouldn’t be.

In the same episode of The Jasta Show in which he opened up about his lifelong battle with depression and his attempted suicide, ex-Killswitch Engage / current Devil You Know frontman Howard Jones related the story about Hinds’ mushroom-inspired rampage:

Ozzfest was always glorious, man. Like the time we got there really early and Brentfrom Mastodon was on mushrooms and he’s just banging on our bus, our bus driver comes and just pushes him away. He’s just like ‘Killswitch wake up!’ and [the driver] like pushes him away. And I ended up being the first one out and he was like ‘did you hear that? Some guy was just knocking for you’ and I was like ‘no.’

And apparently Brent started running around naked and then he ran into like the men’s bathroom and security jumped on him, because when they saw him, he’s naked and he’s standing on top of the sink trying to crap in it. So then, they’re like ‘stop that,’ ‘get over here’ and he runs, pushes through them because he’s naked, runs down and they’re like ‘stop! stop!’ and he’s all ‘fine’, waits and then squat and just projectiles everywhere—needless to say they did not play that day.

The moral of the story: if a man on shrooms wants to crap in the sink, let him. He can’t be stopped.

Also: fucking Brent Hinds, man. A true national treasure.


[via The PRP]

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