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Thy Art is Murder Vocalist/North Face Spokesman Bemoans Mayhem Fest Attendance, Catering

  • Axl Rosenberg

taim mayhemIn case there were any doubts that this year’s Mayhem Fest isn’t going so well after both fest founder Kevin Lyman and fest headliner Kerry King both said as much, Thy Art is Murder vocalist Chris “CJ” McMahon has now chimed in as well. Speaking to Metal Injection, McMahon said:

“I love The North Face, I wanna be the meat in a [North Face founders] Douglas Tompkins/Kenneth Klopp sandwich.”

Kidding. What he really said is this (transcription courtesy of The PRP):

“Apparently ‘Mayhem’ this year is fully shot. All the catering is shot—they have a different catering every day and most of the days it’s shit. Attendance has been piss poor man, like, I you know, I’m just trying to spit the facts out… There is a lot of people walking out towards the end of the night. Ask anybody that’s been on this ‘Mayhem Tour‘, like obviously you’re going to interview other bands and they’re gonna be like ‘yeah dude it’s really cool, there’s so many…’ There’s shit tons of people here for bands like me and stuff. But for these massive bands man, there’s not enough people for them and it’s sad to see.

“We come from Australia so when we heard we’re going to play with King Diamond andSlayer I’m like dude ‘this is going to be psycho.’ Like look at these venues man, if you stay here till the end of the night I don’t think there’d be enough people here to fill the seats.”

Holy crap, not only is attendance “piss poor,” but the catering sucks, too?  But… but… metal tours are known for their incredible catering! Christ, that’s sad. I’m amazed Thy Art is Murder haven’t just walked off the tour. If there’s one thing every young deathcore band deserves, it’s decent cuisine.

For more on why this year’s Mayhem Fest has failed so spectacularly, read Vince’s characteristically insightful analysis. Vince didn’t even consider the quality of the catering, but you can just add that part in your head.

Here’s the entire Metal Injection interview for your viewing pleasure:

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