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Here are the Titles of the Songs on the New Megadeth Album

  • Axl Rosenberg

mustaine is talkingWe still don’t know what the new Megadeth album will be called or when it will be released — but thanks to an online chat with his fan club last night, we know now the track list for the record. Track lists really don’t mean much to me, but I know there’s a lot of excitement surrounding this album, mostly because Chris Adler is going to be on it, so… here ya go, I hope this makes your naughty parts tingle:

  1. Death from Within
  2. Fatal Illusion
  3. Conquer… Or Die!
  4. Lying in State
  5. Me Hate You
  6. The Emperor’s New Clothes
  7. Dystopia
  8. Bullet to the Brain
  9. Last Dying Wish
  10. Post American World
  11. Look Who’s Talking
  12. The Threat is Real
  13. Poisonous Shadows
  14. Melt the Ice Away (Budgie cover)
  15. Foreign Policy (Fear cover)

Some of my own thoughts on some of these song titles:

  1. Conquer… Or Die! – More songs need exclamation points. Mustaine has long been a pioneer of using punctuation in song and album titles, so this is promising.
  2. Me Hate You – More songs need to be titled by three-year-olds.
  3. The Emperor’s New Clothes – Fewer songs need to conjure images of Dave Mustaine naked.
  4. Last Dying Wish – “Destroy… every copy… of Supercollider…!”
  5. Post American World – So at least one song on the album will have hilarious lyrics.
  6. Look Who’s Talking – If this song is about the Kirstie Alley/John Travolta franchise, I WILL BE SO FUCKING HAPPY I WILL WEEP.

And finally, here are the original versions of the two cover songs included on the record, in case you’re not already familiar with ’em. One of them seems like a good fit for Megadeth. The other is by Fear.



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