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One Master: U Jam?


One Master Reclusive Blasphemy

You’ve witnessed this situation: A native of the US expresses frustration about the difficulties of communicating with speakers of broken English. The vibe is, Learn to speak our language before you immigrate to this country, dummy. But that’s a silly thought. That new resident of America probably didn’t enjoy the luxury of time enough to become fluent in the world’s largest, most inconsistent, most ever-changing language; they were born in a nation-shaped mound of AIDS or on a barren frown-farm ruled by some authoritarian turd with boner rage. No one could suggest that a would-be emigré should sit tight in a shitpile until their conjugations are flawless. And btw, you’re no blue-ribbon orator yourself.

You may think of this when listening to amateurish music. A band, like our immigrant friend, may be battling time and need. They are compelled to communicate something before gaining the tools to “correctly” do so. The songs are great, the performances not so proficient. A listener’s first reaction is something like, Learn to play before you put your music on my speakers, dummy. But that, too, is silly. This is metal. We are real. We don’t wait for a band to get even marginally tight before their contribution to our music life arrives. We don’t want to soak in the messages of only people with money and time for gear and lessons. We don’t bow to the tyranny of “good,” we seek the truth, we metal people, the raw truth in whatever form it arrives. It now has arrived in the form of One Master. Crank it up!

One Master’s Reclusive Blasphemy came out Friday via Eternal Death. Get it here.

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