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Get in the Furnace with Hate Eternal’s “Infernus”


Hate Eternal - InfernusI know some of you are sick of me using the term “elephants marching riff,” but by Satan’s swollen, hairy testes, if ever that phrase applied, it applies to the first half the title track from Hate Eternal’s Infernus. Erik Rutan could not have written a finer example of an elephants marching riff if he had spent six months in the jungle studying actual elephants marching.

As for the second half of the song… well, that’s it’s own thing. If we’re sticking to the metaphor: the elephant is still there, but now he’s charging, nay, running, running for his life, ’cause motherfuckers are hurtling spears and arrows and shit at him, and his hide has been pierced, and he’s bleeding, but he’s running goddamnit, he’s running.

This is a good song. I like this song.

Infernus comes out August 24 on Season of Mist. Pre-order it here.


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