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Video: Meshuggah’s “Straws Pulled at Random” Covered with Sugary Snacks as Rhythm Section


Pure Cane Meshuggah Pete CottrellWhoever’s behind those PSAs on the subway that rail against sugary drinks and junk food better look away: YouTuber Pete Cottrell just put out a video that’s gonna make your mouth water with the fury of an erupting Mentos-filled Coke.

The aptly titled “Meshuggah Played with Sugary Foods” is exactly what it sounds like: save for the guitar, all the sounds in this video — which highlight Meshuggah’s trademark knack for complex rhythms — have been created using sugary drinks and snacks, most of them British.

Side note: British candy is just splendid, isn’t it? My mind was blown when Axl and I went over there a few years back. It’s not quite on the level of Japanese bizarro shit, but it’s definitely head and shoulders above the crap we have here in the States.

Watch the video below, via Gear Gods. I can feel the cavities forming already.

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