Watch: Valdur’s Venomous “Blessings”

  • Anso DF


It’s our hope and expectation that you’ve been keeping a little file of the many, many awesome emerging bands that we cover here on, #1 in Heavy Metal News And Opinions. That file is pretty necessary unless you have free time enough to check out a few jams by several unknown bands each week (in addition to all the other little tasks in your life). So you file some away for later. And that file’s “V” section might be bulging like Katy Perry in Perry Farrell’s clothes, so numerous are awesome jams by little bands whose names start with that letter. Void Ritual. Vorum. VI. Voices. Vanum. Vattnet Viskar. Vand Vso Von.

And today we add Valdur and their new video for a short version of “Blessings Of The Goat” from month-old album Pathetic Scum. The clip is awesome and belongs to the unpretentious genre of “no-budget video by extreme metal band”: it’s lo-fi concert footage cut with disturbing clips from the public domain. Fun! What else is fun about Valdur is your likely reaction to their place of origin: Mammoth Lakes, Eastern Sierras. Umm. Is that a tiny nation near Poland? That would explain the vibe and disturbing vocals of Pathetic Scum. But nay, your bowtie spins shamefully once the internet informs you that Mammoth Lake, Eastern Sierras is in America (and in your home state to boot, oops). Ohhhh, those Sierras. Beautiful country. Vcrank Vit Vup!!

Valdur’s awesome new album Pathetic Scum came out five Tuesdays ago via Bloody Mountain. Get it here and here.

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