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The Browning Vocalist Jonny McBee: “Some People are Missing the Point” of Controversial Ferguson Post

  • Axl Rosenberg

browningYesterday, the ding-dongs in Missouri’s The Browning offended every human being with working brain cells when, whilst on Facebook discussing the recent spate of band thefts in St. Louis, they shared this pithy statement:

“While ignorant citizens of Ferguson are stopping traffic to ‘raise awareness’ of a year old tragedy that every person in America already knows about, let us come together to raise awareness of the ongoing wave of crime that continues to plague bands and fans alike.”

Vocalist Jonny McBee has since returned to Facebook to try and clarify — but not apologize for — those comments:Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.53.59 AMNo, Jonny, my boy, YOU’RE missing the goddamned point. You or someone in your band called the protestors of Feguson “ignorant,” suggested that even though justice has not been served and police brutality and institutional racism are still a major problem in this country (not just Ferguson) everyone should stop talking about it because “every person in America already knows,” compared theft to the loss of human life, whined about being stuck in traffic due to the activities of the aforementioned activists.

And, seriously bruh, this latest post just makes it so much worse. Because a) no one actually “missed the point” of the original post’s oh-so-complex message of peace, love, and understanding, and b) you dismiss the opinions of those of us who took offense to the post by referring to us as “certain people” — “certain” meaning “a specific group of people,” as though everyone didn’t have the right to be appalled by the insensitivity of the message.

Also, there are four people in your band, dude. The whole “this person”/trying to spare one particular member any embarrassment thing is ridiculous. But if that’s how you wanna play it fine — we’ll just assume everyone in The Browning is an asshole.

ANYWAY, fuck this band. And fuck you if we support them. Fucking idiots.

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