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Watch Myrkur Play the Original Tetris Theme Song on the Piano


TetrisIf you’re like me the theme song from the original Tetris video game brings back intense memories of nights spent huddled over the yellow and gray Gameboy screen, round after round of blocks tumbling down from the sky ever faster. When Mama Neilstein finally made me put the screen down and go to bed I’d continue to see those damned pieces falling in my head, piling up incongruously as I struggled to fit them all in before the pending implosion of the Tetris mini-world.

One-woman black metal band Myrkur — Ex Cops chanteuse Amalie Bruun’s alter-ego — performed a piano cover of the famous Tetris theme song for Gear Gods, and man, hearing this music brings back those memories in an intense way, like a piece of LSD dislodged from somewhere deep in my brain that brings horrible memories flooding back. I’ll never shake those fucking pieces!

If you’d like to hear some music from Myrkur’s forthcoming album M (August 21, Relapse; order physical formats here and the digital format here), you can check out two songs: “Onde Børn” and “Hævnen.” We highly recommend it.

The Tetris theme song is an old Russian folk song called “Korobeiniki,” in case you were wondering. Read all about it here.

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