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Will All the Atreyu Fans Please Stand Up?


Atreyu 2015Serious question: who are Atreyu’s fans in 2015?

I’m not asking to be a snarky dick. I really want to know. I’d think the majority of the fans from their heyday of 2002-2006 have moved on by now, either to darker, more sinister forms of metal from Atreyu’s radio-friendly bosom or to a comfy house in the suburbs with their wife and kids, away from metal altogether. Atreyu’s sound is so of a particular era — not to mention their whole major label debacle — that it’s hard to imagine the band having picked up many new fans over the years the way, say, Faith No More and Refused only grew bigger during their absences. Like those two bands, Atreyu were influential and groundbreaking when they first came out (whether you like it or not), but unlike those two bands their music hasn’t necessarily aged well.

Here’s another song from Atreyu’s forthcoming comeback album Long Live — following the title track and “Do You Know Who You Are” — called “Start to Break.” It sounds like Atreyu. Some portion of their original fanbase is surely still around and interested, it’s just a question of reaching them. Will Atreyu 2k15’s comeback be meaningful? I suppose we’ll see come September 18th. Pre-order here.

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