Atreyu Commit Hara-Kiri in “Long Live” Video

  • Axl Rosenberg

atreyu are like SO 2004Guys, I just do not understand Atreyu’s video for the title track from their reunion album, Long Live. It’s approximately the eighteen-trillionth video in which a band member or members are being tormented by mysterious figures who — GASP! — turn out to be the tormented themselves, and that kinda symbolism obviously does not require a high school diploma to understand. But the clip loses me when the band members all willingly kill themselves. It might make sense if the gist of the video was, “We torture ourselves and kill ourselves,” but the suicides are played as oddly triumphalist moments, with vocalist Alex Varkatzas screaming “OUR BOND IS FOREVER LASTING!” over the footage. So it feels like the message of the video is, “We torture ourselves and kill ourselves and IT’S SO GREAT!“, right? Am I nuts?

Long Live is out September 18 on Spinefarm.

[via Metal Underground]

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