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Shrooms and Shit-Shoveling: Watch Graveyard’s New Video for “The Apple and the Tree”


Graveyard - InnocenceWatching Graveyard’s new video for “The Apple and The Tree” revives flashbacks of my first experience seeing the band live, when I packed a car full of my favorite degenerates and headed south to the nearest gig on the tour, at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. After ingesting enough hallucinogens to forget how space-time functions, I turned to my best girlfriend and partner in heavy metal harlotry and exclaimed, “No one is feeling this like we are right now! We might actually be in 1973.” Turns out it was still January 2013, but get high enough at a Graveyard show and you’ll totally get what I mean.

This past June, Graveyard excited fans with the news that they were set to release their first album in three years, Innocence & Decadence, and revealed the gorgeous artwork for the cover (above). Their new video confirms Sweden’s best psychedelic doom band haven’t faltered since parting ways with bassist and co-founder Rikard Edlund last October, and that they’re still capable of cranking out tunes that catch the attention of Jimmy Page himself, whose body guard pushed me out of the way to make room for His Guitar Majesty’s entrance at NYC’s Webster Hall the last time I caught them live.

The video features the members of the band toiling away alongside an unknown woman on what looks to be a desolate farm in the middle of nowhere. While the woman shovels shit, singer Joakim Nilsson gravels on from atop a tractor: “Never had an easy living, but it’s the only life you’ve ever known.”

Graveyard’s Innocence & Decadence will be released on Nuclear Blast on September 25th. A U.S. tour will follow in December; dates here.

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