Coheed and Cambria Go Back to School in ’80s-Themed Video for “You Got Spirit, Kid”

Photo credit: LeAnn Mueller
Photo credit: LeAnn Mueller

What the fuck is up with kids going back to school in AUGUST these days?? My Facebook feed’s been filled with corny “The little one is going back to school today!” from cheesy parents for weeks already. WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK?!?! School isn’t supposed to start until after Labor Day! Making a kid sit in a classroom in August — the middle of fucking high summer — is cruel and unusual torture. What in Satan’s name is wrong with the world these days? School in August! For fuck’s sake! Criminal!

Calm down, Vince.

Anyhoo, here’s the official music video for “You Got Spirit, Kid,” the excellent new song Coheed and Cambria released a few weeks back. It’s a classic ’80s-style teenage revenge story starring all the members of the band, and it’s exceptionally well done and fun. The moral of the story: don’t fuck with Coheed and Cambria unless you wanna end up with cheerleaders on weed-laced brownies. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, though?

At least they didn’t have to go to school in FUCKING AUGUST for crying out loud.

Watch the video below via Nerdist. Coheed’s new album The Color Before the Sun comes out October 9th via 300 Entertainment; pre-order here.

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