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Rex Brown is Selling Off Gear He Used in Pantera and Down


Rex Brown / DownIf you’re former Pantera, Down and Kill Devil Hill bassist Rex Brown, you’ve probably got a metric crapload of gear. More than you even know you’ve got, and certainly more than you know what to do with or have any use for. So Brown’s decided to do what practical people the world over do when they’ve got a surplus of something: sell it off!

His loss is your gain, so check out Rex Brown’s store if you’re in the market for basses, heads or speaker cabinets — especially those that are part of metal history — and have some extra cash sitting around. That black Rex-4 Spector bass is iconic — surely you’ve seen footage of Rex rocking it on stage — but it’s gonna set you back a pretty penny. Perhaps the most interesting items here are two Ampeg “dummy” heads Rex used to make his stage rig look cool that are each selling for $250. I’m not really sure what use anyone who isn’t playing gigantic festivals would have for a dummy head, but at only $250 it’d make a pretty cool piece of rock memorabilia for your jam room.

Check out the remaining items for sale right here.


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