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Lemmy’s Health Issues Cut Another Motörhead Show Short


Lemmy is Making a Solo AlbumOy.

Lemmy was forced to end a Motörhead performance in Salt Lake City, UT short last night after only four songs due to shortness of breath, Classic Rock reports.

The band has since issued a statement claiming that the altitude, and not Lemmy’s ongoing health issues, were the culprits:

This would be much easier to swallow if health-related-show cancellations hadn’t become a not-irregular occurrence for Lemmy (or, as he’s known in France, Le Grand Grain de Beauté). Of course, it’s possible that his health issues were simply exacerbated by the high altitude, in which case, this news is slightly less of a bummer…

…for everyone except Motörhead fans in Denver, CO: the band is scheduled to play there tonight, and that city is 5,300 feet about sea level… 1,100 feet higher above sea level than SLC. So Denver fans may be able to let the babysitter go home early tonight… but, fingers crossed, The Lem Man is a-okay and the concert goes off without a hitch.

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