Saturday Song to Get Stoned To

Sunday To Speed Up Ludicrously & Oh So Very Hideously

  • Kip Wingerschmidt


After all these years of taking it oh so very mellow/slowwww/lowwww, maybe it’s time we kicked this bitch on up into high octane and speed things up ludicrously…

I’m all for catching all sorts of chiiiillllzzz when the time is right, but life is way too short to stand still or move at an extremely deliberate pace, amirite?

speed2Much like my can’t stop/won’t stop bro-bros from another mo-mo in the killer band So Hideouswho have a powerful new album called Laurestine coming out on 10/16 (check out the epic first single here) and are on ye olde tour-roade RIGHT NOW (tonight in Beantown, all dates here), I implore you all to do meth get off your pasty behinds, get out of Cruz cruise control, and wake up/shake it up in order to do whatever it is that you were put here in this dimension to do. If you’re not sure what that is meant to be, then make active moves to figure it out…

We’re not getting any younger…..YET.  But maybe one of you sexy geniuses is on the verge of figuring out that tricky fountain of youth bit, and I encourage you to keep plugging away at it.  Although immortality might be overrated.  Let’s see how that all plays out.

And to get you moving and grooving, Chipmunks-style, let’s listen to a bunch of classic metal/rock/pop tunes sped way the fuck up.



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