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Sevendust Get Named Dropped at Apple Event


appledust - kill the flawToday was the annual event at which Apple announces some new toys we’re all going to have to buy. I didn’t realize this because I never really pay attention to that shit — I just wait for my friend/tech nerd Rob from Metal Injection to tell me, “Hey, you should think about buying this new toy because of reasons A, B, and C” or “Hey, you really do not need to buy this new toy for reasons X, Y, and Z.” My understanding from Rob’s tweets today is that the newly-announced Apple products will fall under the second category.

So why am I writing about this? Because apparently, Sevendust got some free publicity at the event! From the aforementioned Rob at Metal Injection:

“[D]uring the Apple TV presentation when Apple rep Jennifer Folds was discussing the music capabilities of the Apple TV and then a Sevendust song came on, with her saying ‘You probably wouldn’t have guessed it, but I’m a huge metalhead and this is one of my favorite bands.’ Then, for a few seconds, the audio for the new Sevendust track ‘Thank You’ blasted through the event.”

I know this is the kind of corporate endorsement that often pisses metal fans off because it’s not tr00 (or, more accurately, because they don’t realize how indebted they already are to corporate culture), but I think it’s great when this sorta thing happens, because, well, METAL! If Apple and Ms. Folds just got anyone to check out some 7D — and maybe even eventually move on to heavier, more underground stuff — well, how can that be a bad thing?

Of course, this is not the first time Apple have given metal props at one of their events: Deafheaven were part of the company’s 2013 presentation.

“Thank You” will appear on Sevendust’s new album, Kill the Flaw, which comes out October 2. Stream the track below.

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