Friggin' Danzig

“Let Danzig Be A Normal Person Already!” is Your New Favorite Facebook Group


Longtime friend of MetalSucks Zena Metal turned us on to Let Danzig Be a Normal Person!, a Facebook group with a noble, if contradictory, goal. We’re all plenty familiar with Danzig’s past foibles involving French onion soup, bricks, kitty litter and so and so forth — but how’s the guy ever gonna live a truly “normal” life with things like this floating around the web:

Danzig with WolvesAnd this:

Lieutenant DanzigAnd this:

Danzig French Onion soup

And, of course, this gem:

Peter DanzigThe answer is he’s not. Danzig will never live a normal life because he’s not a normal person. He’s Glenn Fuckin’ Danzig.

More here.

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