Biggest Putz in Metal Reader Bracket

Rounds 37 & 38: Glenn Danzig vs. Jeffrey Hatrix, Lucas Mann vs. Ronnie Radke


Putz Banner 08_31First, the result of Friday’s bouts: while it turns out you hate Ivan Moody a LOT more than you hate Andy Biersack, the race between bigot and human murderer Varg Vikernes and bigot and animal murderer Ted Nugent was much closer. Ultimately, though, Vikernes took it by a couple of hundred votes. And so The Nuge returns to being washed-up and uncared for.

Below are the next two match-ups! The polls for these rounds close at 2:30 pm EST, Tuesday, September 1.


New Jersey’s Godfather of Goth takes on Cleveland’s Commander of Crap! On the one hand, Hatrix does not, to the best our knowledge, have a massive ego, nor does he distrust modern western medicine. On the other hand, Danzig never utilized the Confederate flag for misguided purposes. Which of these schmucks shall advance to the next round? You decide!


Ronnie Radke’s music is horrible. Lucas Mann’s music wouldn’t be horrible if it were real, but it’s not real, and technically may not even be music. Mann, for his part, has been wise enough thus far not to get tattoos all over his face, so that he can eventually get a job managing a Quizno’s; if Radke’s career ever falls apart, he’ll be just, like, totally fucked. So which putz is bigger? Vote now!

THE BRACKET SO FAR (click to enlarge):biggest putz bracket 08_31

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