Biggest Putz in Metal Reader Bracket

MetalSucks Readers Name Varg Vikernes The Biggest Putz in Metal!


varg vikernes biggest putz in metal

Not since he was still in Cellblock C has Varg Vikernes been forced to undergo a walk of shame as bad as the one he shall suffer now — a walk of shame so harsh, it makes Cersei Lannister feel as though she got off easy. For while it was close a match, MetalSucks readers have now voted to name Varg Vikernes “The Biggest Putz in Metal.”

We could not think of an untalented, homicidal bigot more deserving of this dishonor. Congrats, Varg!

Go here to relive the Putz Bracket in all its putzy glory!

Go here to read all of our coverage of Varg Vikernes’ various acts of putzery.

THE ENTIRE BRACKET (click to enlarge):

biggest putz bracket complete

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