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Kerry King Compares Asking Gary Holt to Join to Slayer to Asking a Girl Out to Prom


KERRY ASKS GARY TO PROMDuring a recent episode of Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho with Chris Jericho, Kerry King described what it was like to ask Gary Holt to join Slayer:

“It’s like asking a girl out to the prom, kind of. If you get turned down, you’re like, ‘Oh man, we suck. Fuck!’”

What’s funny about this — besides the idea that Gary Holt would ever turn down Slayer money, I mean — is that it’s just about the most un-Slayer comparison King could have made. There just aren’t a lot of Slayer songs about romance and heartbreak… and by “a lot,” I mean “any.” We think of Slayer as the dudes who are concerned about how many people will die in the name of God, not as the dudes who are nervous that Mary Jane Rottencrotch might decline to wear their pin.

It also conjures images of an adolescent Kerry King asking a girl to prom, which, again, is hilarious, because, y’know… you probably just never thought of this dude bothering himself with such a thing. Does this mean that somewhere there’s a photo of pimple-faced King in an ill-fitting rented tuxedo with a cummberbund, his arms awkwardly wrapped a young lady to whom he has just gifted a corsage? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE RELEASE THAT PHOTO?!?!

ANYWAY, surely, this will be seen as another step in King’s ongoing pussification. Whatta shame.

[via Classic Rock]

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