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And Now for a Quick Update on The Faceless

  • Axl Rosenberg

the faceless - in becoming a ghost
Update, 1o p.m.: The band has now released a new song, “The Spiraling Void,” AND announced a new run of U.S. tour dates! Hear the song and get the tour itinerary here. Original story follows…

I think it’s safe to say that The Faceless have joined Metallica, Anthrax, Tool, and, of course, Necrophagist in the Make the Fans Wait a Really Long Time In-Between Albums Club. It was four years in-between the release of their second album, Planetary Duality, and their third, Autotheism; and it has now been three years since the release of Autotheism, and we still don’t know much about the band’s fourth record, other than that it’s tentatively titled In Becoming a Ghost.

(P.S. If anyone can explain to me what the fuck the phrase “in becoming a ghost” means, please do. It sounds like the beginning of the manual they read in Beetlejuice: “In becoming a ghost, it is important to remember…”)

But, oh hey, it looks like we might be getting closer to the actual release of this thing! See, the band just announced some Mexican tour dates, along with this tour poster:the faceless mexican tour 2015For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, that says “Presenting Their New Album with a Special Set.” So, not as good as, say, a release date and a single, but like I said, it does make it sound like new music is just over the horizon. Maybe that’s even the album art on the poster? I’m pulling that out of my ass, who knows.

And speaking of who knows: who the hell is in this band anyway? We know Michael Keene (duh) and Justin McKinney from The Zenith Passage are on guitars, and that bassist Brandon Giffin (also ex-Cynic) has re-joined the band; when they last performed earlier this year, Hate Eternal’s Chason Westmoreland was on the kit, but it seems likely that he’s not a full-time member, ’cause, again, Hate Eternal. Insofar as vocals go, well, this ‘Gram from the band’s label, Sumerian, may be of interest:

put those horns up if you’re ready.. @derekrydquist #TheFaceless #DemonCarcass #Akeldama #PlanetaryDuality

A photo posted by SUMERIAN RECORDS (@sumerianrecords) on

I can’t see anyone complaining if Rydquist were to re-join the band, can you?

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