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White Widows Pact Wage “Thirteen Years of War”


White Widows PactI know we’ve mentioned this ten or a million times already, but it bears repeating: White Widows Pact are awesome, and their first full-length, True Will, is one of the most assured and satisfying debuts of 2015. If this band isn’t on your radar, you need to get your radar fixed.

Exhibit Z-963: “Thirteen Years of War,” a crushing new track which has debuted on All Music. This song rough, dude. Like, sex with spiked condom is smoother — and kinder, too. I’m sure the fact that they’re from NYC — the most misanthropic city in the world! — has something to do with this, but WWP are really, really, really good at expressing disdain for humanity through music, and “War” is no exception. I love this.

Listen to “Thirteen Years of War” below! True Will is out October 16 on New Damage.

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