One of These Things is Not Like the Others


Notice anything strange about this admat for Bay Area Deathfest 2?

Bay Area Deathfest Admat Color

As David Lee Rothmund put it when Party Cannon released their album Bong Hit Hospitalisation in July, “the [band’s] music isn’t that great, but props for standing out in a sea of serious-business metal fonts.” That’s obviously true to a whole other level here — fuck, even Buzzfeed picked up on it.

The PRP points out that, interestingly enough, in the original admat for the same show, Party Cannon’s logo was the same white-to-gold dissolve hue as all the other bands:

Bay Area Deathfest 2

Whomever made the change clearly understands marketing — you can’t buy this kind of publicity, especially for a two-day death metal fest. Still, I have to wonder if the members of Party Cannon feel weird about this at all. Sure, they’re getting a ton of attention… but none of it is for their music. Wah-wah.

Here’s Bong Hit Hospitalisation… I concur with Dave that it’s not very good, but you are obviously free to disagree.

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