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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: October 2, 2015

  • David Lee Rothmund

Deafheaven - New Bermuda

Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to the new Shit That Comes Out Today, your satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams — and we stick ‘em in a fancy Spotify playlist too (below) — all for your jammage! Now crank this shit up!


Deafheaven - New BermudaDeafheaven
New Bermuda (Anti)
On a playlist with: An Autumn For Crippled Children, Ghost Bath, Wolves In The Throne Room
Listen New Bermuda full stream (here)

If Sunbather was any evidence, Deafheaven has a knack for taking the intensities and energies of real black metal and splicing them with… something. Huh, actually, it’s hard to say. Deafheaven needed flak jackets for the onslaught of vitriol from BM tr00thers, but why? Because Dfhvn took (“borrowed”) without paying homage and respects? New Bermuda has the same relevancy in this ongoing discussion: is this a postmodern shift in black metal or just a fad? Leave it at this: Sunbather was a good album, and New Bermuda is just as good, but not better.


Mausoleum Tapestry (Edged Circle)
On a playlist with: Tribulation, Obliteration, Cadaver
Listen Mausoleum Tapestry full stream (here)

With a name similar to “sphincter” and a sound reminiscent of ripping one open, Sepulcher delivers. Their brand of edgy thrash is amateur/debut in the best way possible: garage. In a world of polished iPads and electric fuckin’ cars, a little bit of musty rust is a welcomed wake-me-up. Point being is that the world is not as antiseptic as we’d like to think — garbage flows from every pore of our ever-decaying society. And this particular garabage flows right into your goddamn hypothalamus!


11°22.4’N 142°35.5’E EP (Blood Harvest)
On a playlist with: Immense Carnage Vortex, Catacombs Of The Grotesque, Cenotaph
Listen 11°22.4’N 142°35.5’E full stream (here)

The first thing you do is copy the coordinates into Google Maps and see where/what the hell is worthy of an EP title. Turns out, it’s the middle of the ocean! Or, the “gateway to hell” according to the Bandcamp page. Also, there’s this weird thing online? It’s all very, very interesting. But not as interesting as the EP itself, which is pretty interesting too.


Defixio EP (Iron Bonehead)
On a playlist with: Sepulcher, all super-early thrash
Listen “Defixio” (here)

Because this is the future and we’ve all forgotten how to communicate like normal human fucking beings, here’s a gif which is ever so befitting. You’ll get the idea: brain damage, windmills, lots of “fuck yeahs” screamed into a true and utter chaos, etc. etc. But again, as with Sphincter above, you get that raw, unbridled adolescence: the kind of adolescence where you have a massive sex drive and limited vocabulary.


42 Decibel42 Decibel
Rolling In Town (SPV)
On a playlist with: Johnny Crash, ’77, AC/DC
Listen/Watch “Midnight Teaser (Evil Woman)” (here)

Imagine this shit: you’re fed up with your lousy, boring job, and one day you have a sudden realization. The realization is “fuck this shit!” and you storm out, middle fingers extended, flipping over tables and tossing waste baskets and calling everyone “bitch”. You make a small racket, but not enough to get you in trouble with lawyers. You get in your car, hard/wet, fuming, but with an the amphetamine rush of finally being in charge of your life. You turn on the radio, and this album comes on. ALL WILL BE OKAY.


Children of Bodom - I Worship ChaosChildren Of Bodom
I Worship Chaos (Nuclear Blast)
On a playlist with: Kalmah, Warmen, Sinergy
Listen “I Worship Chaos” (here) “Hurt” (here)

True fact: Children Of Bodom died after Hatecrew Deathroll (2003), which was their very own God Hates Us All. Each subsequent album replaced original melody with generic melodicore and Andrew W.K. bullshit (no hate on AWK, he’s got his own thang). Instaclassics like “Every Time I Die” and “Triple Corpse Hammerblow” put Bodom on the map, and for good reason. The young guitarists who became any good wanted to be Alexi Laiho, not the fuckin’ dweebs from A7X. Anyway, I Worship Chaos, the shiny new album. Is it a comeback?


De Profundis Kingdom Of The BlindOTHER SHIT THAT COMES OUT TODAY

21 Octayne 2.0 (AFM) listen
Behold! The Monolith Architects Of The Void listen
Blood Christbait reissue (Vic) listen
Carma Carma (Labyrinth) listen
Clutch Psychic Warfare (Weathermaker) listen read
Essence PrimeCochise The Sun Also Rises For Unicorns (Metal Mind) listen
Ctulu Sarkomand reissue (Static Tension) listen
Debauchery Fuck Humanity (Massacre) listen listen listen
Death Dealer Hallowed Ground (SMG) listen
Denner / Shermann Satan’s Tomb EP (Metal Blade) listen
De Profundis Kingdom Of The Blind (Wicker Man) listen
Dog Fashion Disco Ad Nauseam (Rotten) listen
GatewayDragonheart The Battle Sanctuary (Pitch Black) listen
Entwine Chaotic Nation (Spinefarm) listen
*Essence Prime (Spinefarm) listen
Evil Army Violence And War EP (Hells Headbangers) listen
Fates Warning A Pleasant Shade Of Gray reissue (Metal Blade) listen
Fit For An Autopsy Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell (eOne) listen listen read
For Today Wake (Nuclear Blast) listen
Heart Of A CowardGateway Gateway (Hellthrasher) listen
Heart Of A Coward Deliverance (Century Media) listen
Kylesa Exhausting Fire (Season Of Mist) listen listen
Loma Prieta Self Portrait (Deathwish) listen
Lux Ferre Excaecatio Lux Veritatis (Altare) listen
Make Me A Donut Bright Side (Tenacity) listen listen
Malevolent Creation Dead Man’s Path (Century Media) listen
Loma Prieta Self PortraitMonastery Ripping Terror ’91 (Vic) listen
New Year’s Day Malevolence (Another Century) listen listen
One Year Delay Deep Breath (Pavement) listen
ORCumentary Destroy The Dwarves (Orc Rock) listen
The Physicists My Love Is Dead (Inverse) listen
Pigs Wronger (Solar Flare) listen
Procreation Incantations Of Demonic Lust For Corpses Of The Fallen demos (Nuclear War Now!) listen
Stellar Master ElitePromethee Unrest (Lifeforce) listen
Queensryche Condition Human (Century Media) listen
Ravens Creed Ravens Krieg (Xtreem) listen
Repulsive Dissection Church Of The Five Precious Wounds (Sevared) listen listen
Separations Dream Eater (Imagen) listen
Sevendust Kill The Flaw (7Bros) listen read
Solanum Into The Sinners Circle (Horror Pain Gore Death) listen
Temple Of Baal MysteriumStellar Master Elite III: Eternalism – The Psychospherical Chapter (Essential Purification) listen
Stormgrey Pray Crawl Suffer (Vic) listen
Temple Of Baal Mysterium (Agonia) listen
Trinakrius Introspectum (Pitch Black) listen
Trivium Silence In The Snow (Roadrunner) listen
Vanna Alt EP (Pure Noise) listen listen listen
The Winery Dogs Hot Streak (Loud and Proud) listen
XO Stereo The Struggle EP (Another Century) listen

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