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Maserati Foretell the “End of Man”


Maserati - RehumanizerDid groovy space rock masters Maserati rehumanize you with “Rehumanizer II,” the track they released in August from their forthcoming new album Rehumanizer? Well good, ’cause there’s more where that came from: today Prog Magazine has the beat on another new jam, “End of Man,” which you can stream below.

This is the first time I can recall Maserati using vocals in any of their songs (although I could be wrong) and the way they’ve done it here with a vocoder sounds pretty fucking rad, almost Kraftwerk-esque. “End of Man” is also heavier on the synths than most Maserati tunes, and the result is almost synthwave in feel… fitting given the fact that Maserati — and Zombi — are unwitting progenitors of that burgeoning genre. Don’t worry, there’s still a rock drum beat and plenty of delay-soaked guitar goodness, this one just has a bit of a different flavor to it. It’s super dancey.

Rehumanizer comes out October 30th via Temporary Residence and can be pre-ordered physically here or digitally on iTunes.

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