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Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was some shit. All that the shit wanted in life was to be among the Shit That Comes Out Today. But this shit had very conservative parents with reservations about his dream. And after Mama Dookie and Papa Stink didn’t budge, the shit plopped back in his bowl and sobbed himself to sleep. The next day, the cleaning lady lifted his lid and looked with pity on the whimpering fudge roll. She sweetly asked, “Why da hell don’t people flush no more?” and stomped the flusher. The End.


The Disease of Fear (Goomba)
On a playlist with: Unearth, All Shall Perish, Bloodjinn
Listen “Becoming the Process” (here)

Need more guitar harmonies in your life? Acaro will set you straight. The melodic deathcore/metalcore quintet from Boston — the Gothenburg of The U.S. metal scene — is ex-members of Overcast and Burn In Silence who’ve teamed up for a filler-free harmony buffet. Imagine a heavier Unearth and you know what to expect here. Acaro’s influences are worn openly on their inky sleeves, and their aim isn’t to be groundbreaking in this half-hour ode to Mass-Metal, but The Disease Of Fear‘s no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners approach just works. Some mighty solos on this bad boy.


Black Curtain (Hydra Head)
On a playlist with: Jesu, O’ Brother, Scott Kelly’s The Forgiven Ghost in Me
Listen Black Curtain full stream (here)

Aaron Turner is prolific. In yet another epic project bearing his name this year — and one of Hydra Head’s final releases :( —  Turner and his collaborators in Khanate show a very different side of their crafts. Black Curtain‘s songs are epic, especially in length, but Turner’s nearly folky clean vocals dominate, backed by minimalist percussion and barely distorted power chords that sustain for what feels like hours. And its mix is entrancing and unique. It’s definitely a grower but hints at awesomeness via its emotional punch and an atmosphere that “you can cut with a knife.” Let’s download a million of these and save Hydra Head!


God Is An Automaton (Listenable)
On a playlist with: Mnemic, Threat Signal, Xerath
Listen “The Line of Least Resistance” (here)

If you like modern groove metal with a heavy dose of philosophy, then the latest from Switzerland’s premier “deathwave” act will make you very happy in the pants. By listening to God Is An Automaton, I am reminded most of Mnemic’s recent Mnemsis and that is A-OKAY with me. If that comparison doesn’t register, just know that Automaton rocks stuttery low-end-heavy grooves (with mercifully subtle Meshuggahisms), layers of apocalyptic keyboards, and diverse vocals that handle cleans and harshes with equal gusto. It’s probably Sybreed’s heaviest and darkest work to date and I am not complaining.


Maserati VII (Temporary Residence)
On a playlist with: Porcupine Tree’s Signify, Minus the Bear’s Planet of Ice, Russian Circles
Listen Maserati VII full stream here

It’s a tribute to your good taste and willingness to explore that Maserati gets coverage and positive feedback on MetalSucks. Way to go guys! On Maserti’s first album without their late founding drummer, Jerry Fuchs, the band carries on with another heaping load of groovy, electronic-tinged instrumental rock. The name probably says it all, cuz if you aren’t driving while listening to this stuff, you’re doing it all wrong.


Bone Dance
Bone Dance (Melotov)
On a playlist with: Converge, Gaza, The Secret
Listen “Children Having Children” here

And on this week’s segment of “New Nihilistic Noisecore To Know,” we present Boise’s Bone Dance. Inspired by the suffocating intellectual vacuum in their low-carb nightmare of a state, the five young men of Bone Dance spew vitriol in no small supply. Like their clear inspirations, Bone Dance budgets their time between neck-jerking, atonal peaks and almost-melodic post-metal valleys.



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Deserted Fear My Empire (FDA Rekotz) listen
Glamour Of The Kill The Summoning (eOne) listen
Helstar 30 Years Of Hell 2CD/DVD (AFM) watch
Holy Knights Between Daylight And PAIN (End Of The Light) listen
»Menace Ruine Alight In Ashes (Profound Lore) listen
The Mountain Goats
Transcendental Youth (Merge) listen
Papa Roach The Connection (Eleven Seven) listen
Savage Annihilation Cannibalisme, Heresie, et Autres Sauvageries (Kaotoxin) listen
Three Days Grace Transit Of Venus (RCA) listen
Touche Amore
 / The Casket Lottery 7″ (No Sleep) listen
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