Iron Minion: Art Recreates Iron Maiden Album Covers… with Minions


I’m going to assume that you’re all familiar with Minions, since, over the course of two Despicable Me movies and one solo outing, they’ve become a pop-culture phenomenon, grossing over two billion dollars a the worldwide box office and spawning a seemingly endless array of merch.

So the concept behind the work of the DeviantArtist known as “croatian-crusader” should be fairly self-explanatory to metal fans. Here, see if you can figure out the theme:

iron_minion___killers_by_croatian_crusader-d8noueiiron_minion___the_number_of_the_beast_by_croatian_crusader-d8pooc1iron_minion___the_trooper_by_croatian_crusader-d8mena0 iron_minion___somewhere_in_time_by_croatian_crusader-d8mb7g6iron_minion___brave_new_world_by_croatian_crusader-d8p0we6iron_minion___speed_of_light_by_croatian_crusader-d96yqww

Cute, right? And those are just a few of my personal favorites. You can check out the rest here. Hope these pieces brighten your day!

[via The PRP]

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