Zakk Wylde is Making Book of Shadows 2


Nineteen years ago, Zakk Wylde made an album called Book of Shadows, which, technically speaking, is his only solo album to date. I mean, that’s ridiculous, because Pride and Glory and all the Black Label Society releases are really Zakk Wylde solo albums. But Book of Shadows is the only one where there’s no pretension with regards to the other band members’ importance.

ANYWAY, I haven’t listened to the album this century, but if memory serves, it was pretty good. It was a touchy-feely endeavor which foreshadowed Wylde’s love of Bill Withers and pouring out some brew for his dead homies.

If that sounds appealing, you’ll find this news to be grand: Blabbermouth reports that in a new interview with Louder Noise, Wylde confirms that he’s working on a second Book of Shadows, “which will be made available on the 20th anniversary of the arrival of the original” record.

I don’t know what inspired Zakk to make a second Book of Shadows record. I don’t know who has been waiting two decades for this album. I don’t know what makes this different from if BLS released some kind of unplugged/smoove jazz album.

I know I’m supposed to contrast that with something I do know, but that’s all I got. The work of Zakk Wylde post-the-mid-90s is a totally baffling to me.

As you were.

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