Protest the Hero Launch Their Own Subscription Service for New EP Pacific Myth; First Track “Ragged Tooth” Out Now!


Last time Protest the Hero announced they were working on a new album, they asked fans to pitch in in exchange for direct perks via crowd-funding site Indiegogo, smashing through their goal of $125,000 in just 24 hours and eventually grossing a whopping $341,000. The record-setting campaign still has people talking.

Now that Protest are getting ready to start a new album cycle once again, are they gonna go back to the well and repeat a tried and true method of raising funds? Of course not! This is Protest the Hero we’re talking about; dudes are super sharp and on top of their game, always looking to the future instead of the past.

So here’s what they’re doing: for $12, you can “subscribe” to Protest the Hero on Bandcamp. Subscribers will get one new song on the 15th of every month for the next six months, a piece-by-piece culmination of their new Pacific Myth EP. Each song comes with hi-res artwork and an instrumental mix. For $25 you can get a “Tier 2” subscription, which includes all the aforementioned plus the two-hour documentary Of Our Own Volition, a documentary about the making of Volition delivered in 20-minute episodes.

I love this. I fucking love this. A direct subscription service to a band. It’s kind of like Patreon, but on a one-off basis. No middle men, no having to decide which package to buy, no bullshit.

The first song is available NOW and it’s called “Ragged Tooth.” Subscribe here to get it, and you’ll also receive the next five songs when they’re release over the next five months.

Here’s the band on what inspired them to launch this kind of project. You should also watch the video they shot to explain it also — in typical PtH fashion, it’s hilarious:

We believe this to be a sustainable model for what we do and a wonderful and honest way of getting more music made for you all. We hereby decree our collective commitment to releasing a song a month for the next 6 months. Like Rody mentioned in the video, think of it as an EP spread over six months….just way friggin’ better.

“How is it friggin’ better?” you are undoubtedly asking yourself.

Here’s the thing: we have done the full-length album and ensuing record cycle four times now. While they all had their benefits, they all dragged on. Most record cycles are at least 2 years. That’s two years of promoting 40-or-so minutes of music. Music that you may have written two years before that! We have never been able to release what we want to release NOW. So that’s exactly what this is. These are songs we love now, songs we are proud of now, and songs which are inherently more candid than our other material. Don’t get us wrong, this is very much the pth you either know and love or know and hate. If you like what we do, we are pretty sure you are going to dig this crap. I guess we’ll let these little lullabies speak for themselves…

Once again, here’s that subscribe link. I’m signing up now… back in a bit!

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