Fan Claims to Have Been Roughed Up by Danzig and Danzig’s Security Guards

  • Axl Rosenberg

A fan named Neil Dalton has leveled some serious accusations against Glenn Danzig:


Although the story seems plausible — Danzig has a history of going to stupid, extreme measures to enforce the “no cameras” policy at his shows, and has personally gotten violent towards fans in the past — we should all keep in mind that, for now, anyway, there’s no evidence that this actually happened. The aforementioned “no cameras” policy means that there isn’t any filmed footage of the show on the net. For now, it’s Dalton’s word against Danzig’s.

If any MetalSucks readers were at the show, please hit us up ASAP  via news AT metalsucks DOT net and let us know if you saw this go down or if this guy is full of it.

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