All Shall Perish Announce Adds New Member Lucas Durecki, Reveals New Album Title

  • Axl Rosenberg

Update, 5:35 p.m.: So this happened…

Tiner has not yet responded. I will update this post again. In the meantime, I would like to re-iterate that 1) I didn’t say he was the singer, I said he’s either a singer or a guitarist, and 2) the person who told us that works for ASP’s label, Nuclear Blast, and has for years. My apologies if Durecki is not in the band at all, but in my defense, I absolutely did confirm with a legitimate rep for the band before writing this story.

Is there finally some movement in the All Shall Perish camp?

When we last heard from the band, things weren’t looking so great: vocalist Eddie Hermida departed to join Suicide Silence, guitarist Ben Orum left to be a daddy, drummer Adam Pierce joined Emmure, and other guitarist Francesco Artusato seemed pretty busy with Devil You Know. So although Pierce and Artusato never officially left ASP, the only guy we knew for 100% sure was still in the band was bassist Mike Tiner.

Still, the band and their label, Nuclear Blast, said that they were gonna release a new album in 2015… but, y’know, it’s mid-October and we ain’t heard shit, which isn’t a good sign.

But now reader Michael S. has sent us this screencap from Facebook:

Based on the weird comment about Syria, North Korea, and Iraq, and the fact that Durecki hasn’t been added to ASP’s Facebook page yet, I initially assumed that this was a troll… but a rep for Nuclear Blast assures us it’s legit. What that rep didn’t tell us — and what I can’t seem to figure out from poking around the net — is whether Durecki is a new guitarist for the band, or a replacement vocalist for Hermida.

Presumably, we’ll know more soon. In the meantime… the fact that the album will be called The Rotting King is new info, isn’t it? I don’t recall hearing that anywhere else. Yay! Good album title.

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