The Cops are Investigating the Alleged Danzig Assault

  • Axl Rosenberg

When fan Neil Dalton alleged earlier this week that Danzig and some members of Danzig’s security team beat the shit out of him at a recent concert in Montreal, he also claimed that the local police “can’t do fuck all” about the assault “because we’re both not Canadian” (“both” presumably referring to Dalton and Danzig). That didn’t make sense to a lot of people because, y’know. A crime is a crime. You can’t kill someone in a foreign country and get away with it just because you’re not a native of said country.

So I’m sure Dalton was happy to learn that, either because they were always going to do so or because this story has gotten so huge, the Montreal PD are, indeed, investigating the incident. TMZ done went and confirmed it.

Whether or not this actually leads to charges being brought against Danzig and/or his security guards is anyone’s guess, but I really hope that it does, if for no other reason than because watching Glenn Danzig have to deal with the Canadian legal system would be hilarious.

Check out all of our coverage of this ongoing drama here.

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