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Listen to Twelve Foot Ninja’s New Track “One Hand Killing” Right Now!


Twelve Foot Ninja - One Hand KillingIt’s about fucking time! Twelve Foot Ninja released the incomparable Silent Machine in November of 2012 — nearly three full years ago — although the album didn’t really begin to gain steam until the next year. And they haven’t let up since, touring their balls off in support of the album ever since. To say Silent Machine set the metalsphere on its head would be an understatement; how often do you see a completely independent band pack headlining shows the world over?

Twelve Foot Ninja just unleashed their first new track in three years, “One Hand Killing,” and it’s an absolutely banger. It’s got all the hallmarks of what you expect from TFN: thumping grooves, bouncing riffs, a little dose of prog and a big, fat old hook to latch onto. It’s great! Can’t wait to hear.

The band is being coy about the release of a new album, cautious to say “‘One Hand Killing’ isn’t their new album’s official first single,” but instead a little taste of what’s to come for those who contribute to their Pledge Music campaign to fund the next album’s recording sessions. Contribute here; tons of awesome perks are available, ranging from a standard CD to guitar lessons, a BBQ with the band and more.

Listen to “One Hand Killing” here.

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