Tom Araya’s Daughter Just Went on Reddit to Defend This Funny Photo, Says New Slayer is “Eh”


The above photo of Tom Araya and his family at the Grammy Awards — in which his daughter Ariel has a look on her face that could certainly be described as embarrassed — is several years old now. It already made the rounds last year, at which time she made a statement about it.

But this being the Internet — and Reddit being Reddit — the photo is once again making the rounds on the website with the world’s shittiest user interface. The post took off immediately, getting the attention of Ariel Araya herself, and prompting her to issue another response:

I was 11 at the time when this picture was taken. Having flash bulbs in your face and 30+ people yelling “LOOK AT ME” can be a little intimidating. I love the old Slayer. Some of the newer stuff is eh. My dad misses being home. He isn’t lame. He’s been the best dad he can be with our circumstances.

Any questions?

http://imgur.com/DCCOK13 : proof you asswipes LOL

Pretty fucking funny. And sharp of her to include that photo as proof, too! Couple that with her dead-on opinion of Slayer’s new material and we’d say the Arayas did quite a good job raising their daughter.

Ariel Araya

Thanks: Cara S.

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