Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Bordge, Frontierer, Year of the Cobra


Year of the Cobra - The Black Sun EPBordge remind me of a cross between Biffy Clyro and sludge metal. Sound weird? It is in theory, but somehow it works. There’s something about the guitar chords and voicing used here — and the clean vocals — that are reminiscent of Biffy, but the downtuned, sludgy goodness — and the screamed vocal sections — are much heavier than anything the former has ever done. Listen to Bordge’s “False Hope Cannon” single below.

When I last featured Frontierer in Unsigned and Unholy in January of 2014, I described their sound as “a mash-up of old-school deathcore (the good kind) and spastic grind, sort of like if Ion Dissonance and The Red Chord had a pajama cuddle party with Dillinger Escape Plan and Psyopus.” Now I’m hearing their new album Orange Mathematics and… yup, that’s still pretty much it! The songs seems a bit more focused and tight this time around.

Year of the Cobra are a stoner/sludge/doom duo from Seattle, and though they aren’t reinventing the wheel musically, there’s something I really like about the songs on The Black Sun EP; they’re catchy and concise, and the haunting vocals and bass work together to propel the songs forward in a driving, engaging way. Stream the EP below.


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