Yankee No’s: David Lee Roth Classic Line-Up Reunion Jam Didn’t Happen

  • Anso DF

David Lee Roth band reunion 2015

David Lee Roth’s first solo band was stupendous. It also was short-lived: The trio of Steve Vai, Billy Sheehan, and Greg Bissonette backed DLR on only two albums in the late ’80s. At the time, their dissolution seemed natural, and the next DLR band was awesome too. Still, it’s easy to feel fondness for that “immediate post-Van Halen” era; Vai was hot but not yet an icon, Sheehan was to most the first bassist to put both hands on the fretboard, Bissonette rammed his awesome vibe in among two spotlight hogs (plus the main spotlight hog) and could swing for those old standards that Dave loves to cover.

So you can see that a one-off reunion of this band — plus keyboardist Brett Tuggle — would generate sensational interest for VH people. And that’s what was on display Saturday night when a jam-friendly venue in Hollywood reportedly was shut down by authorities for exceeding max capacity. It would’ve been packed just for the trio, Tuggle, and Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr — who in 2015 is better than David Lee Roth at everything except actually being David Lee Roth. And that was the plan as of a week ago.

But by Wednesday, Starr announced that the actual David Lee Roth would perform at the show; the jig was up, daddy was home, and suddenly the event was a big, big whoop for VIPs only. Apparently too many VIPs. Right before showtime was when houselights went on again and everybody went home. Ah nuts.

So what’s next? Will the event be rescheduled for a big venue (as Dave hints in video below)? Could this reunion catch a bit of fire for Vai, Sheehan, and Bissonette, and become a thing? If so, led by Roth or Starr? What’s the over/under on flubbed lyrics by Dave? How many times will they play “Hot Dog And A Shake”? Can I ride the inflatable mic?

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