Today in Iron Maiden News: Bruce Dickinson is Making Another Solo Album + Nicko McBrain Covered “Flight of Icarus” with a Little Kid

  • Axl Rosenberg

Here are a pair of interesting stories that have no connection other than that they both involve members of Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden News the First: Bruce Dickinson has written about half of what will be his seventh solo album. Is that good news? I definitely bought Balls to Picasso on cassette in 1994 but I guess I didn’t like it because I never sought out any of Dickinson’s solo stuff again. I guess I should revisit his catalogue at some point.

ANYWAY, also interesting: “If Eternity Should Fail,” the opening cut from the band’s new album The Book of Souls, was originally intended to be on Dickinson’s next solo outing. So that may give you some idea of the creative direction in which he’s heading. I would certainly consider that a vast improvement over “Cyclops.”

Iron Maiden News the Second: Nicko McBrain’s other band, The McBraniacs (facepalm), recently performed at a Ribs restaurant McBrain owns (double facepalm), where they covered “Flight of Icarus” with a ten-year-old named Devin Shattuck on vocals (high fives!). So it’s good to know that Dickinson decides to go solo full-time again, Maiden have a replacement waiting in the wings who isn’t Blaze Bayley.

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