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Listen: The Cult’s 2 New Jams, What You Think?

  • Anso DF


The Cult and producer Bob Rock are destiny. In February arrives their fifth album together (of The Cult’s ten), a fact represented in your heart not so much by a feeling as by a pulsing golden orb, such is the anticipation for something special (not just awesome). For his part, Rock is invested in the endeavor because its mindblowing output — Sonic Temple (1989), Beyond Good And Evil (2001), The Cult (1994) — helps to exonerate him in the failed “heavy rock Metallica” experiment. Here the magic is obvious, Rock is the master and he “gets” The Cult’s many vibes.

For example, in the just-released “Deeply Ordered Chaos” from that upcoming tenth Cult album, Rock keeps singer Ian Astbury low, mellow, efficient like a swimmer or golfer neither straining nor going limp. It’s no less intense than Astbury at full bellow. Come guitar solo time, guitarist Billy Duffy plays quietly at a high volume, per Rock no doubt. Its effect is stupefaction. “Chaos” is a builder, but the song that arrived last month “Dark Energy” is classic Rock depth charge: floats for a second, then triggers of a string of explosions. The album is titled Hidden City and it feels like a classic. Crank it up!!!

The Cult’s Hidden City is out February 6 via Cooking Vinyl. Pre-order here and here.

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