Sunday To Have Faith Some More

  • Kip Wingerschmidt


This year.

OH MY DEAR SWEET BABY JEEBUS, this bloody year.

2015 was a truly wild roller coaster journey, demanding attention/gratitude/respect/pure FAITH that something awesome — if not unfathomable at the time — was unfolding.

What a ride ol’ Jeebus The Universe Satan took us on.

At this point, if I could actually get that motherfucker on the phone (the phone), I’d offer my undying admiration for such a masterful/intricate/well-laid plan…

“And the ending!” I’d exclaim, “What an amazing, unexpected twist you snuck in so subtly right at the end – brilliant, really.”

To which our dark lord would likely toss back a simple yet stern glance over his shoulder and mutter prophetically: “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, buttchugger…”  then disappear in a blinding flash of light/poof of smoke/thunderous roar simultaneously emerging from the stormcloud-laden sky & dense fertile rumbling ground.

Crossroads/turning points signify that we haven’t reached the ending whatsoever – quite the contrary.  As a matter of fact, sometimes it feels like an entirely new beginning could have only ever been born out of the ashes of a prior life-changing chapter.  Moments like these serve to remind us that the elusive, ever-evolving process is always going to ebb and flow, and one of the richest, most rewarding challenges to undertake is how to achieve a sense of balance that collaborates with yet respects the will of our truly awesome Universe.

To quote a great, underrated film (and NOT this shitty song): “Hold on tightly, let go lightly…”

So let’s summon that dormant humility/open up our hungry hearts/be who we be/regain & renew the faith that will keep us trudging forward in pursuit of the right stuff.


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