Video: Lemmy’s Mole Sings “Ace of Spades”


No celebration of Lemmy’s life would be complete without discussion of his iconic moles, a part of his face just as inextricably tied to his identify as his signature chops, if not moreso. If anyone could ever make moles sexy and give hope to those amongst us with similar facial blemishes, Lemmy was that man.

He always had a good sense of humor about it, too. “What can you make out of this? What are you going to do? I think I look all right for my age, anyway,” he once remarked when about why he hadn’t ever had the moles removed.

And so I think it’s perfectly appropriate to pay tribute to Lemmy by sharing this animated video — linked by Vulture’s David Marchese in an excellent write-up of Lemmy’s life — of Lemmy’s trademark facial lump singing “Ace of Spades” all by itself. It’s exactly as ridiculous and awesome as it sounds, and though the video first made the rounds about a year ago it feels more relevant now than ever. Watch below.

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