Sunday To Start Anew

  • Kip Wingerschmidt

New year, new ewe YOU???

Well, sort of — but let’s get really real here…

How about instead of making the usual grand resolutions to change this & that & blah blah blibbity blah, this time we forge a wiser, open-ended yet realistic plan to simply open up/evolve/become more of our lovely selves?

anew_ultimate_night_gold_emulsionMaybe for US, starting a gnu anew means stripping away the superfluous, unproductive excess in order to get to the essence of who we truly are/hope to be, then patiently discovering where it all wants to go.  It might actually be as easy as striving to be a better YOU & ME, and doing our best to work out the kinks along the way.  We’ve gotten this far, right?

Okay sure, that may sound painfully obvious and it’s also totally understandable to be a little (/lot) scared, but we both know this is the only way so let’s just be mature and fucking DEAL WITH IT together.  I’m confident I can handle it, and have faith that you can too.

Cool?  Rest assured I’ll be right there with you and promise to do my part… two-way street, remember?

In the perfect words of Robert Nesta Marley, “LIVE IF YOU WANNA LIVE…”

Happy WHATEVER to everyone else, and Happiest New Year ever to *YOU*

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