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Krallice Just Released the Hyperion EP; Stream it Now


Krallice - Hyperion EPThis past July Krallice released their new album Ygg hurr as a total surprise; no pre-release announcements, no hype, no silly countdown clocks, not even a couple of tracks before release date… nothing. Just “Hey, here’s our new album, check it out.” In this era of over-hyped everything and the emphasis on that all-important first week sales number it was refreshing to see a band take such a relaxed approach to an album release, even if it’s a band that’s far outside the mainstream, one you’d expect to take risks anyway.

Apparently the release of Ygg hurr wasn’t just a one-off or a way of gaining extra attention: the New York CIty-based progressive black metallers have just done the same thing again, this time with their new EP Hyperion, released on New Year’s Day. Since The PRP just alerted us to the EP’s existence I’m only now hearing it for the first time and can’t say how it stacks up against Krallice’s past work, so let’s you and me press “play” at the exact same time then meet up later in the comments section, mmmkay? Here’s the stream via Bandcamp where you can, of course, also purchase the EP.

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