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Montreal Canadiens Goalie Wears Lemmy Tribute Mask


Tons of celebrities have come out paying homage to the late Lemmy Kilmister, whether they’ve done it online or at his funeral service. But Montreal Canadiens goalie Ben Scrivens decided he wanted to ride into battle with Lemmy on his person, which is why he decided to get a specially-made Motörhead tribute helmet to honor the man.

Eye Candy Air, a custom helmet art company, made the following helmet for Scrivens:

Pretty awesome. Not full War Pig helmet, but still incredible.

Scrivens isn’t a fairweather fan, either. When interviewed by, he said the following:

“He’s a huge influence on not just me, but a lot of the bands that I listen to and a lot of the type of music that I listen to. For me, he’s probably the epitome of heavy metal and rock music in terms of not just his music, but his attitude, his persona, his look. He’s an ugly guy, he’s got a gruff, ugly singing voice. He says what he thinks all the time, he’s swearing all the time, and it wasn’t an act. I think that’s the thing that came across from him, nothing was for show. You knew that when he went home and talked to his kid he was probably the exact same way.”

“He was an innovator and influenced so many people in terms of their musical expression. He was a real connection between that early rock and roll, starting to get into that heavy stuff, to the Metallica and those bands. I don’t think there was a heavy band that he didn’t influence.”

That’s a good look.

My only hope is that Lemmy begins to rub off on Scrivens as time goes on. There’s nothing like a goalie randomly smashing a forward in the face with a Jack Bottle to bring out the best in hockey.


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