What the...??

This Russian Band Has Changed Metal Forever

  • Axl Rosenberg

A Russian reader named Vladimir sent this to us earlier today. The song is called “Downhole;” band is called Гнилой Район, which, depending on the translation service you utilize, either means “Rotten District” or “Rotten State” or “Rotten Neighborhood” or “Rotten Area” or “Rotten Region.” The point is, whatever part of Russia these fellas are from, they clearly think it’s rotten. I guess their goal is to be Russia’s answer to Skid Row.

They failed.

They did succeed in other ways, though. For example: ever seen a dude play a bass guitar as an upright bass with his foot? Ever seen Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley sing off-key in Russian while constantly pointing to random members of the band? Ever seen Jason Voorhees play the drums, poorly? No. No, I thought not.

Bask in the majesty that is this video:

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